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About Berkshire Running Camp


The Berkshire Running Camp is a truly unique experience, providing runners with all of the training, teambuilding, and leadership tools to become better runners, teammates, and young men and women. In addition to our outstanding training regimen, which we will work into the runners' summer training programs, athletes will communicate with our staff and one another during small group sessions to discuss all of the components of being the best runners they can be. In addition, there will be teambuilding adventure activities each day to unlock the leadership potential for each athlete.

The Berkshire Running Camp is right for any athlete with a desire to become a better athlete, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to try new things. We will ask that each athlete comes with an open mind, a fit body, and a desire to improve every aspect of his or her running resume. Throw away everything you know about running camps, because BRC is much more than just a week of training, its the experience of a lifetime.


Developing the total athlete is the central philosophy of Berkshire Running Camp. We will have two training sessions each day, beginning with cross training morning session, and coupled with a specialized afternoon session. Various techniques will be covered during these sessions, including mastering hills, interval work, tempo and Fartlek running, pool workouts, and race strategy. Campers will get to experience many different running trails and areas everyday, including a long run at a special location.

Workouts will also include strength training including core work, injury prevention and circuit strength training with or without weights. Athletes will be grouped appropriately by experience and proper pacing, and high school coaches will be contacted for information about current running programs and expectations.


In addition to training the body, the Berkshire Running Camp will help the athlete become more in tune with his or her own mental and emotional strength as an athlete. Throughout the day, leadership and team-building activities will include cabin competitions, evening leadership groups and adventure games, all designed to give the athletes opportunities to hone in their leadership skills and make them the best teammates they can be. Each night, small group sessions will be led by one of our specially trained counselors on a variety of topics including decision-making, dealing with adversity and setbacks, building togetherness with teammates, and setting and accomplishing goals. We believe that the key to the full cross country experience lies in making the athlete not only better on the field, but off it as well.

Our guest speakers include some of the region's best coaches and world class athletes,  and will bring home these same points, capping off each night with a talk designed around our day's theme. Athletes will find out how some of the best coaches and athletes around have been able to get their teams to the highest levels, and will be able to apply what they've learned directly to their own improvement.

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